Best Apartment Cleaning Service in Your Area 2020

Best Apartment Cleaning Service
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A checklist is always helpful to keep track of the to-do list. In the case of apartment cleaning, a cleaning checklist can help to keep an apartment tidy. You can post the checklist in a fridge or on a y-erase board. Keep a soft copy of it and print it when needed.  The checklist will be divided into daily, weekly, and monthly worklist.

Certain tasks need to be done daily to have a control over germs and dirt.

There are certain chores that you’ll want to do daily to keep control of dirt and germs such as:

DAILY Apartment Cleaning Service CHECKLIST

Daily cleaning area – Kitchen, bathroom, living room

  • Kitchen
  • Clean all dishes before going to bed
  • Wipe up kitchen surfaces and disinfect – stove, counters, and sinks.
  • Sweep and wipe the floor.
  • Bathroom
  • Wipe up counters and keep the floor dry
  • clean the sink
  • wipe the toilet seat and base.
  • Scrub the commode with a toilet brush.
  • Collect hair from the drainer.
  • Bedroom
  • Tidy up your bed.
  • Tidy up clothes in the wardrobe
  • Dust, sweep and wipe your bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Dust off the sofa, cushion, and fluffy pillows.
  • Brush carpet
  • Wipe glass furniture.
  • Tidy up books and DVDs.Weekly cleaning checklist
  • Dust all rooms and surfaces.
  • Clean wooden furniture with wood cleaner
  • mop all floors and stairs.
  • Remove all food and clean out the fridge  
  • Clean bathrooms and disinfect.
  • Change all linens.
  • Take out the trash
  • Monthly cleaning checklist
  • Wipe down woodwork with wood cleaner
  • clean walls and tiles in kitchen, bathrooms and other high-traffic areas with cleaner and disinfectant
  • Clean windows inside and outside throughout your home.
  • Clean home appliances such as an oven, sandwich maker, etc.
  • Do a deep dusting behind and beneath furniture,
  • Dust off ceiling corners and edges, ceiling fans, and vents.
  • Vacuum clean all carpets.
  • Deep Cleaning

If you keep your apartment following the daily, weekly and monthly tasks, eventually it won’t be hard to do. Your apartment will shine like a diamond.

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