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Best Car Vacuum
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Best car vacuum is one item that can give you many benefits for the car cleaning without doing it manually. Car vacuum with the best features will help you to clean every side of car from any dirt, dust, and even pet hair without difficulties.

If you need something in high quality to clean the car, you can definitely choose the three most recommended products that are discussed here. The car vacuums that are brought today have earned top rates on Amazon so you can trust their quality by looking at how great the key features.

To find the best car vacuum, you may need to make a list for the criteria of the good car vacuum you need. There are so many car vacuum cleaners in the market with a wide range of prices, but not all of them are reliable enough to use frequently in making your car clean all the time.

That is the reason why you better try to consider several things that are listed below to help you decide which one the car vacuum cleaner is that you should purchase and use even though all the three recommended vacuum products reviewed later are all top-rated and great-reviewed.

Best Car Vacuum Buying Guide: What to Look for

As there are so many models of car vacuum cleaners, you should choose the one that can make your life much easier. Before purchasing, you can peek at these considerations.


Portability means that the car vacuum cleaner can be moved around easily. It will make your cleaning job much more easily if you can bring the item anywhere, especially if you will always be on the go.


The car vacuum that comes in light weight will make the cleaning task more effortlessly because you will not feel burdened when you have to take and move the vacuum around to clean every side and corner of your car.

Easy to Use

A car vacuum cleaner should be easy to use in order not to waste any time just in operating the device. No matter what your car and lifestyle are, both preference and utility should always be taken into consideration.

Good Suction

Another point that you should consider when purchasing a vacuum is of course good suction. The suction power should be strong enough to pick up any dirt, dust and other messes in your car whenever it is. Remember as well that the battery life’s duration and strength can affect the suction power.

Easy to Clean

To make the device always work well, the car vacuum itself should be maintained and it is important to find the one that can always be cleaned easily for the next comfortable use.

Best Car Vacuum Recommendations

1. Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum

Best Car Vacuum

Eureka EasyClean can be the solution and answer for you who look for a great car vacuum to clean your entire car’s interior perfectly. To get the best results when using the vacuum, make sure that you have installed the dust cup filter properly, so when you are not sure if the filter is already installed well, never start using the vacuum.

The cleaner is designed to lift up dust and dirt particles, so it is not suggested to use the cleaner to pick up sharp and hard objects because once you do it, do not ask why the cleaner will get damaged.

It is easy to operate this best car vacuum and it won’t take much time to rinse the dust cup itself as well because you can simply let the running water wash it. However, after you rinse that part, make sure that you dry them completely; after the dust cup is totally dry, you can replace on cleaner.

This is the perfect car vacuum that you can even use to clean indoor space of your home. It is great because it is portable enough and not that heavy to move around even though you will feel the heaviness when you use it in a longer time.

Key features of this product:

  1. Riser Visor and Brush Roll that can help you to clean upholstery, stair steps, and flat areas.
  2. Crevice Tool that will help you to clean the unreachable areas with its small brush.
  3. Cord Wrap that can help you to store the device much more easily.
  4. Fingertip Control that will help you to turn on/off the vacuum more simply.
  5. 20-ft. cord wraps.
  6. Bagless filter and clear dust cup.
  7. Powerful 5.5 amp suction.


  • Great suction power.
  • Highly recommended for cars cleaning use.
  • Easy to use even when cleaning stairs at your home.
  • Dust cup is easy to wash.
  • Simple to store.


  • A bit heavy, especially if you use this longer.
  • A bit messy when emptying.

2. Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum

Best Car Vacuum

If you seek for a car vacuum that is also perfect for the interior home cleaning task, another recommended product is here. The bagless vacuum that you can rely on for easier cleaning job from Dirt Devil Scorpion also comes with the on-board crevice tool, so it will make your life much easier because it can simply be flipped down for the areas that are a bit hard to reach so the cleaning won’t waste much time.

For you who are looking for the convenient unit to clean your car, workshop and home at the same time that come in an affordable price with some accessories included, you really need put it on your list before going to shop.

Having a good car but it smells bad and full with dust and mess must be uncomfortable for you and friends or family that you drive. No reasons anymore not to clean the car because you already know what the best car vacuum that can also work well to clean your home.

Dirt Devil Scorpion will make a big difference for your car so you can choose this handy car vacuum cleaner to save your money as well. Even for tight and unreachable places can be cleaned very well if you rely on this vacuum; you will have no regret by choosing this unit.

Key features of this product:

  1. 16 feet power cord’s length that can help users to have constant power when cleaning.
  2. Including hose, dusting brush as the other attachments in order to meet the different need in cleaning.
  3. Quick Flip crevice tool for the tight spaces cleaning faster. The tight spaces are including car seats and couch cushions.
  4. Strong 7 Amp suction so the messes can be picked more completely.


  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect use for cars.
  • Easy to move around as it is lightweight.
  • Without unplugging, you can clean the couch and stairs in your home.
  • Easy to clean up by ditching the bag.


  • Inconvenient when wrapping the cord.
  • Loud.

3. VANDEK Handheld Pro Cyclone Car Vacuum

Best Car Vacuum

VANDEK has the best quality car vacuum that you can consider when you need a new one. As a portable vacuum, there is always an easy option that is offered by VANDEK. Not only for cars cleaning, this is also designed for the boat cleaning as this vacuum is designed in 12V receptacle.

The design is made as sleek as possible which can make the appearance of the product better-looking. Among the three most recommended car vacuum cleaners here, the one that is offered by VANDEK is the most lightweight so this vacuum is guaranteed to be a breeze when used.

Another thing that should be known before purchasing this product as the best car vacuum is that the suction can be kept constant by the existence of the Pro Cyclone without lessening the strength of the suction.

Aside from being portable and lightweight, for you who are seeking for a boat and car vacuum that can easily be cleaned and the one that is able to provide any messes, including pebbles, spilled snacks and dirt with the powerful suction, this is totally perfect to buy.

Key features of this product:

  1. 16 feet long cord that can be plugged into 12V receptacle of power in your boat and car.
  2. Powerful suction power that is also accompanied with the technology of stainless steel filter.
  3. Cyclone action that can help the suction to stay constant.
  4. Handheld Car Vac.
  5. Bagless car vac.
  6. Portable, easily cleaned, stored and used with three attachments included.


  • Excellent suction power.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to store.
  • Lightweight so maneuvering is easier.
  • Very handy when it comes to the case so it is nice to bring along with you wherever you go.
  • The attachments that are included can be used well in order to clean the seats areas.
  • Coming in a compact size.
  • Great cord that comes in a long 16 feet.
  • Great at picking up the surface dust and gravel.


  • Not recommended for house cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about it is used to clean carpeted stairs?

It depends on which product that you choose. For the two first vacuums, they work extremely awesome to clean your house, even pick up messes on the carpeted stairs, but the last product is only perfect for boat and car use.

Will the vacuum work well in picking up scattered pet hair?

It is definitely a yes. Any messes will be able to handle by using the vacuums that are recommended above, including cat or dog hair.

Will the vacuum really be easy to use?

Of course, they are easy to use. The hand-held vacuums will help you to save time when cleaning as it is different from the large vacuum that should always be dragged out. Even when they come with attachments, it does not take much time to get them assembled because it is easy to do.

Do the vacuums come with warranty?

Yes, for the first product, it is one-year warranty that you will get, while the three-year warranty is for the second product. For the third product, there is no description about it, so it is always better to ask the customer service of the company producing the vacuum.


When you need the best car vacuum, considering those three vacuum products will save your time and money. The criteria of a great vacuum can all be met by those products, from the great suction power, portability, ease of use, light weight, and ease of clean.

There is no reason to miss out one of these car vacuums. Pick the one that can really be convenient for you. Usually the well-designed and well-featured vacuums will last longer, but it always depends on how you maintain them.

The top three vacuums above come with a good ability to reach the hard-to-reach places, especially because they have some attachments that can easily be assembled. You can say that a vacuum is really useful and good to have when you find that they can do the job perfectly. So, take your time now to check out the three vacuums suggested above to get the best car vacuum.

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