Best 5 Cleaning Service Companies in the US

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Having an office space clean and tidy is desirable to anyone. Usually, any office has cleaning staff to do the work. The purpose of this article is to keep a track if the work is done properly or not. You can arrange a training session with your cleaning service following the steps.

Dusting procedure:

In order to have a clean place, dusting is the most important job. Things to ponder:

  • How frequent cleaning should be done:
  • Daily or more often depending on soil levels.
  • PREPARATION needs to taken:
  • Collect all tools, equipment and products required.
  • Review MSDS, product labels and caution statements.
  • Choose appropriate safety equipment.
  • Start cleaning with clean mop head.
  • When cleaning is finished return the equipment to storage area.

For dusting work, the following tools are needed.

  • Vacuum
  • Dust Mop
  • Brush and Dustpan
  • Putty Knife
  • Plastic Liner

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Cleaning Service
Cleaning Service

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  • Professional cleaning Service : 24/7 hour  cleaning Service .
  • Cleaning Service STEP 1
  • Vacuum the marts and sofas

Note: while using vacuum cleaner remember to pick-up walk-off mats.

after vacuum cleaning, inspect mop head. Make sure the dust mop is cleaning before starting dusting.
If you are using swiffer, make sure the swiffer cloth is clean or new.

NOTE: make sure the dust mop is dry. Oil-based dust-mop are prohibited because it will spread the dust everywhere and make the place greasy.

When you are using the mop, push mop straight ahead.
Do not let the mop to leave floor.
Pivot the mop when there is a turning point,  

Make sure to use brush and dust pan to remove dust from every corners.

While dusting if you encounter with gum/tar, use putty knife to remove them from floor  

After cleaning is done, remove mop frame and head from its handle.
Make sure to shake or brush loose dirt from the mop  
Remember to return the walk-off mats to original location after all floor maintenance operations are completed with perfection .

NOTE: for dusting purpose, the launder dust mop when brushing is not effective at all

Additional suggestion:

  • For an enhanced dust free floor you can use  Swiffer Sweepers & Dusting Cloths
  • Swiffer is very effective for all types of dusting needs.
  • Using pre-treated dust mops and/or dusting cloths has a possibility to leave an oily, dulling residue behind while Service

Even though you have cleaning stuff at your office assigned, it is still necessary to do cleaning with professionals. To do so, you can get professional cleaning service from

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