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No matter if you want to paint your office, industry or home, you have to rely on the painting service provider for estimation. To reduce the cost and Commercial Painting Service: Get The Best Quality get the best quality, accurate cost estimation is a must. The painting team calculates the costs collaborating with labor, materials, equipment, and miscellaneous items for commercial space.

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 Commercial Painting Service
Commercial Painting Service

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Here is how they estimate Exterior Commercial Painting Service Costs

In order to estimate commercial painting, you need to be able to assess the scope of the project and technical implications. Following factors should be considered while estimating for commercial painting Service:

The size of the area:

To calculate the area of the space you would like to paint, multiply the height by the length of each wall. Then, add up the numbers found to get the total square figure. Don’t forget to deduct the areas you don’t need to paint such as windows and doors. Find out the total square of unnecessary areas for painting and subtract the number from the total square footage of outside walls.

Here is the formula for an example:

for a building there are 4 exterior walls, each wall is 30 feet wide and 20 feet high, the total square footage is 2400 (4x30x20) square feet.

Suppose the building has 8 windows (each 5 feet wide and 6 feet high) and 1 exterior door (6.5 feet wide and 8 feet high), the total square ft. you need to subtract from the wall is 292  (windows: 8x5x6=240+ door: 6.5×8=52) square feet. Therefore, the total square figure to be painted is 2,108 (2,400-292).

Determine the amount of paint needed:

One gallon of paint covers approximately 400 square feet of smooth surface and 300 square feet of textured surface. Based on the above-mentioned example, you need 4 to 5 gallons of paint to cover 2,108 square feet for surface and 7 gallons of paint for a textured surface.  If you need to double coat it, double the estimated amount. Similarly more coats needed, multiply the number by estimation.

Calculate the total cost of materials:

Good-quality exterior paint costs about $25 to $40 per can or bucket, multiply the number of gallons with per can price. Add the price of roller, brush, trays and other materials needed to complete the project

Determine labor cost:

Labor cost is estimated on the hourly estimation that is needed to complete the project. To calculate the labor costs, estimate how many hours one painter will need to complete the job.

Break down the hours including preparation tasks such as washing, scraping, caulking, treating problem areas, and applying a primer.

Additional tips;

To have a more accurate estimation for a commercial project, you should add the costs for materials and labor.
Also, include costs of resources used power-washer rental,
fuel, insurance, etc. and painting materials such as rollers, brushes, paint trays, drop cloths, etc.

When you are given the estimation for painting a commercial project, you can match up the calculation with the given formula whether their estimation is realistic or not

 Do not tell your professional that you also know the tricks.

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