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Small plumbing problems at home are usually fixed at home. So the best technique is to find a “do it yourself” or DIY way. We often refrain from calling up a plumber, for example, changing a drain pipe under the kitchen sink in order to reduce cost. We are here to help you in this matter.

Below is the DIY method to install a kitchen sink at your home.

Requirements for tools and materials  

  • Kitchen drain trap kit
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Channel-type pliers

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Let’s start:

Before buying a kitchen sink, you should check the height of the trap arm on the existing sink starting from the floor or base of the cabinet. Make sure you measure up to the center of the trap arm. Knowing the height of the existing drain will facilitate in preparation and you will have time to do any modification necessary.

Plumbing Service Step 2:

Lower the Drain if Necessary Lowering a sanitary tee You may find out that the old drain is not much low to match up with the newly installed sink. In this case, you may need to open the wall and lower the position of the sanitary tee in the wall.

This process is a bit difficult job for an amateur person. In general, you should aim approximately 12″ and 13″ from the floor or base of the cabinet. This should be okay for to accompany deep sinks and a large garbage disposer. Point to consider, keep enough space in terms of a drain in order to remove the trap and clean.

Step 3: Plumbing Service installation sink

  • Install The Disposal and Strainer
  • Installed garbage disposer

If you have a garbage pipe, install it first before installing any drain pipes. Install the garbage disposal on the side of the sink you would like to. A suggestion to give is that on the opposite side of the disposal, install a baster strainer. Connect the Continuous Waste Pipe Kitchen continuous waste pipe The continuous waste pipe connects with the two sides of the sink drain.

After installing the garbage disposer, install the waste pipe. First, hold the continuous waste pipe till the two drain ends. Then take a measurement for cutting the flanges tailpiece. In case, if you have a garbage disposal, then the measurement should be between the sink strainer and the drain outlet. However, if there is no disposal, just measure between the centers of the two drain openings.

Additional advice:

  • Install the flanges tailpiece in vertical side onto the sink strainer first.
  • Secure the pipe with a slip nut
  • Slide the end of the continuous waste pipe with the side outlet on the drain tee fitting
  • slide the assembly with the sink tailpiece and garbage disposal drain pipe.
  • Secure the slip nuts with channel-type pliers.

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Plumbing Service Step 4: 

Connect the Trap Kitchen trap  The drain trap consists of two types of pieces, one is U-shaped and another one is J-shaped. The U-shaped piece should fit with the bottom of the vertical tailpiece. Nevertheless, the J shaped is the piece that will fit into the sanitary tee fitting.


  • Assemble the trap and arm with slip nut.
  • Slide the trap up with the tee fitting on the sink drain,
  • Slide the arm with the sanitary tee fitting
  • Tighten the slip nuts with channel-type pliers.   
  • Check for leaks by running water.  
  • For volume test, fill up the sink

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