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t’s time to customize your daily, weekly and monthly office cleaning Service lists. Depending on the size of the office may differ the frequency of cleaning Service requirement. Large office has more population thus needs more frequent cleaning compared to small offices. The checklist is necessary for the cleaning manager not only to keep a track of the cleaning task but also to guide for shopping the cleaning materials.

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Time to designing Daily, Weekly and Monthly Office Cleaning Lists

The following list is made considering a mid-sized office. If the office is large then it is suggested to increase the frequency of daily cleaning.  

Cleaning Lists


Daily cleaning spaces contain – offices, lobby and Conference Room, restroom, kitchen break rooms, and washroom.Cleaning To do list for office, lobby and conference room –

Empty all trash cans and replace liners as needed.
Remove and place all the trash to a collection point
Vacuum carpeting with vacuum cleaner
Clean and polish drinking water filter
Thoroughly dust all resources such as desktops, files, window sills, chairs, tables, pictures and all manner of furnishings
Damp wipe with swiffers or damp clothes to remove stains
Dust landline  telephones
Use dust mop to wipe floors, tiles to remove spillage and soiled area
clean fingerprints from entrance glass using glass cleaner
clean partition glass with damp wet cloth or Swiffer
Look for other areas especially entrance.
Restrooms, break room, kitchen, and washroom –
Stock toiletries items and towels
Empty sanitary napkin receptacles
Wipe sanitary napkin receptacles with a cleaner
Empty trash receptacles, wipe and place it to supposed area
Keep  mirrors clean and polished
Wipe towel cabinet covers with cleaner
Clean and sanitize surface and inside of toilets and urinals
Clean and disinfect toilet seats
Scrub and sanitize all basins.
Dust and wipe partitions and frames
Remove splash marks from walls around basins
Mop and disinfect all floors

Cleaning location – Offices, Lobby, Lunchroom, Conference Room

How to cleaning your House

Todo list for weekly cleaning Working

Dust and polish all vertical surfaces such as desks, file cabinets, chairs, tables and other office furniture
Thoroughly vacuum all carpeting, especially corners, edges and beneath furniture
Squeegee glass windows inside and out  
Damp mop and buff hard surface floors, especially corners, edges and beneath furniture
Buff hard surface floors if needed
Empty refrigerator to clean and disinfect

Usually, the items are neglected during daily and weekly cleaning should be prioritized in Monthly cleaning lists  

Vacuum and clean all fabric chairs with vacuum cleaner
Vacuum and clean all vents
Dust all high surfaces along with edges working top to bottom
Vacuum and deep clean surface areas

Keep your workplace clean and maintain a healthy environment.

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