Door Dog Crate Review Petco Premium 2

Door Dog Crate Review
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Door Dog Crate Review 6 min read

A crate, also known as a cage or a kennel, is a safe and secure area for a dog, that can be used for a variety of reasons. It’s a great solution for short periods of time that you just can’t keep an eye on your dog. This is amazing for dog owners who feel that they would benefit from a crate, but might perceive the idea of a cage as cruel. As long as it’s used at the correct time, for the correct periods of time, there is absolutely nothing cruel about crating your pet.2 Door Dog Crate

The crate can make your life so much easier, and also make training your puppy so much easier too. Your dog will feel safe and secure, and actually enjoy having their own special place in your home. As a crate can stop your pet from making mistakes and behaving badly, they’ll get into less trouble, and you’ll be able to use more positive reinforcement techniques, and avoid punishing your pet.2 Door Dog Crate

Who Needs a Dog Crate?


All dog owners can use a dog crate, and while it may seem difficult for owners of large dogs, as extra large crates are available, every pet owner can enjoy the benefits of a crate. The crate can be left open like a little den area, that your pet can enter or leave whenever they like. This makes the crate feel like a natural place for your dog to be, and won’t make the place feel like a punishment. 2 Door Dog Crate

Similarly, the crate shouldn’t only be used when you’re leaving the house, as it would lead to your dog associating the crate with loneliness. However, while this shouldn’t only be used when you’re leaving the house, it can benefit you and your dog massively when you’re in the house but can’t keep an eye on them.

You may need to pop upstairs or work in another room in the house, and you may want to be sure that they don’t chew on any wires and hurt themselves, or damage any furniture.

This is also a great opportunity for you to listen in and make sure they’re not crying or distressed while they’re in the crate and you’re not in sight. This is important as if your dog does suffer from separation anxiety, as they shouldn’t be put in a crate because it will only worsen their anxiety.2 Door Dog Crate

So while your dog should be able to enter the crate whenever they like, precautions should be taken to ensure that the dog doesn’t become possessive over the area, as you should still be able to reach inside it and arrange their bedding,

take it out to wash it, or move toys in or out. The crate should be locked at times if you’re using it for training or as a space for a timeout. This can be a great training tool due to a dog’s natural instinct not to soil their living space.2 Door Dog Crate

So their crate, being fairly small, makes them inclined to wait when they need the bathroom. Knowing this, you can let them outside as soon as they’re out of the crate, and then praise them for going to the toilet in the right place.

Door Dog Crate Review This will incur far fewer accidents in the house, and will help you use positive reinforcement to train your dog, instead of punishing them when they go to the toilet in the wrong place. The crate can be a good timeout for your dog to calm down when overexcited, but shouldn’t be a punishment. It also can be very useful for pets who are recovering from surgery, or are traveling. A crate should not be used for long periods of time, or for dogs who suffer from arthritis, sickness, or diarrhea.

What’s So Great About the Petco Premium 2 Door Dog Crate?

2 Door Dog Crate

At a lower price point this is a low cost extra large dog crate, however with a 4.8 star rating from over one hundred happy customers, this crate is as close to perfect as it is possible to be. Dog owners have very high standards when it comes to pet products, so these reviews do signify an incredibly high standard of crate.2 Door Dog Crate

As this is an extra large crate, it is generally used to hold big and strong dogs. One of the main points that customers are really happy with is the fact the wires that make the frame are thicker than those on other crates of this size and price. This means that the wires are stronger and much harder to bend or move than with other crates, so dogs who can normally escape are safely contained.

Door Dog Crate Review There are some weak spots near the hinges on the corners or the doors, however it would take time and effort for your dog to find their way out, and some owners have simply reinforced the hinged areas with wire to make sure the crate is solid.2 Door Dog Crate

Many owners are also very happy with the style of this, and prefer the baked powder coat finish to other options available. They’re also confident that this crate will withstand scratching and chewing.

As people should buy a crate based on the fully grown size of their dog, there can be problems when you’re trying to train your puppy. If the crate is too big, then they may feel comfortable going to the bathroom on one side, and living in another side. This crate totally preempts this situation, and provides a dividing panel, so you can alter the living space available to your puppy until they are fully grown and need the whole crate.

This also has two doors, which is a big deal to many dog owners, as not only is it easier for your pet to get in and out, it’s also easier for you as the owner to reach inside and arrange their bedding or add or remove toys. This crate is also collapsible, which make it a breeze to store when you’re not using it, and also really easy to travel with.2 Door Dog Crate

2 Door Dog Crate Review Information

  • Package Dimensions : 36 x 27 x 10 inches; 61 Pounds
  • Date First Available : August 11, 2020
  • Manufacturer : BIRDROCK HOME
  • ASIN : B08FMW1F3M
  • Best Sellers Rank: #17,269 in Pet Supplies

Dog Crate Review Key Feature

  • Color: Espresso
  • Brand    ;BIRDROCK HOME
  • Color; Espresso
  • Material; Wood
  • Item Weight;61 Pounds

Door Dog Crate Review Pros:

  • Strong, sturdy, and able to contain large and strong dogs
  • Easy to put together
  • Divider panel included

Door Dog Crate Review Cons:

  • There are some weak spots around the hinges and doors

With a 4.8 star rating, this crate is roomy, strong, and more than capable of holding a boisterous pet, for training or to keep them safe while you’re not looking.

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