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When it comes to securing your home or business Locksmith service

Locksmith service you may find yourself staring at a huge wall of options. If you’re wondering which lock is the best choice, ask yourself this question first: What area am I securing? Typically, each type of lock has an ideal function and place of use.

Locksmith service Once you know what type of area you’re securing, the choice becomes easier. Here’s an overview of some of the most Common lock types along with the rooms and areas they’re best used in to ensure high-security for your home or business.

Alarm Lock Systems Padlocks

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Padlocks have widely used a lock for most of the commercial buildings. These locks are portable and multiple used. They are available in different types and sizes. Some are with direct keys and some are with a combination lock and some has both options .  

The Best Places to Use Alarm Lock Systems

Vehicles like motorbike, cycle
Alarm Lock Systems Dead bolts

Commercial and residential buildings Alarm Lock Systems

Deadbolts are commonly used in both commercial and residential buildings Alarm Lock Systems. They are often installed on room doors or main door mostly of a residence. They and are designed such a way to prevent forced entry. Traditional deadbolts would not be the best-secured lock for the commercial application. Therefore, commercial buildings use high-security deadbolts which are made of hardened steel.

Alarm Lock Systems

The Best Places to Use Deadbolts
Doors with Glass
Doors Located Near Windows
Lever Handle Alarm Lock Systems

Lever handle knobs are widely used in commercial buildings. The door handle is easily accessible by pushing down Alarm Lock Systems

The Best Places to Use Lever Handle Locks

Lever Handle Locks

Interior Doors
Conference room
Alarm Lock Systems Cam Locks

Cam locks are highly secured. They rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise between 90-180 degrees.

Cam locks come in in different lengths and critical mechanism. It can be easily customized according to the use.

The Best Places to Use Best Locksmith service Cam Locks

Cam Locks

Filing cabinets
Low-security areas
Alarm Lock Systems
Rim or Mortise Locks Alarm Lock Systems

There is a wide range of variety in rim and mortise locks

The Best Places to Use Rim or Mortise Locksmith service

Commercial Doors
Entry Doors with Glass
Apartment Doors
Alarm Lock Systems

IC Cylinders Alarm Lock 

The interchangeable core  or IC cylinders is a popular and easy choice for businesses.

The best option of this lock acelocksmithvictoria is it can be relocked by Mobile locksmith switching. You do not need to touch the actual lock.

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