Automotive Car Locksmith Service

How often does one change their Automotive Car door lock?

Very rarely. In fact, we do not want to change it often just like furniture. However, like any devices, the door also demands proper care and maintenance to increase the durability,  function properly and avoid breaking.

Approximately, most of the locks can work for 7 years on an average. With proper maintenance, you can increase the durability of the locks at your home.

Below are the 6 procedure to protect your lock:

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Make sure your door Automotive Car Locksmith service is properly hung

  • Check if the door is properly installed
  • Check if the lock is correctly installed and prepared
  • Check the gap between the door and the frame is uninformed

A door that is not properly installed may cause sag or bind resulting in immense pressure on the lock bolt. This the reason for lock damage.   

Check your door’s screws and strike plates Automotive Car locksmith service

  • Add a long screw approximately three inches to each hinge in order to prevent sagging and increase break-in resistance
  • Make sure the long screws are placed near the center of the wall.
  • Similar to the hinges, make sure the the deadbolt are secured with the wall framing with long screws

    Make sure your dead latch and deadbolt work correctly Automotive Car locksmith service

  • Check if the deadlatch and deadbolt are working freely when closing the door.
  • Carefully inspect when the deadlatch is closed, the small plunger which rides on the latch’s flat side do not collide with strike plate.

     Clean your door locks without overdoing it

  • Clean your door lock with mild detergent or damp rag
  • Do not use an abrasive or chemical cleaner on a lock or petroleum-based cleaner.

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    Door locks require annual lubrication

  • Lubricate your door locks with graphite lubricant and other dry lubricant such as Teflon.
  • While lubricating with dry product, spray small amount into the keyway. Then run the key in an out and wipe out the debris you notice.
  • Do not use petroleum-based lubricant
  • Lubricate lock once a year.

   Copy duplicate keys from an original

  • Maintaining the key is also important to secure lock
  • Duplicate your master keys and utilize the duplicate for regular use

For more maintenance of your lock, consult with professional locksmith service providers. is one of them.


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